The New Scooter

Above are pics of the new scooter.

I am glad that buying it and selling the old one went so smoothly and quickly.

My fins fit in the back box so I can go snorkeling anytime!

I’m pretty excited!

Bought It

Yesterday, I bought the new scooter, hopefully, I’ll pick it up today.

I put an ad online to sell my scooter, I pushed the ‘submit’ button, and realized I forgot my phone number. I edited it, and less than two minutes later, my phone rang, and they bought my old scooter.

They were all in a hurry, and I spent my efforts yesterday afternoon getting the paperwork sorted for them to buy it. I never made it to the insurance company to get the insurance switched over. So now I’ve sold the old scooter, don’t have the new one yet, my Wife has loaned my car out, and I’m transportationless, for the time being.

I’m excited about the new scooter.

Tuesday American Football Quickpost & Scooter Question

Here’s last weeks wins and next weeks hope-to-wins from me.

I test rode the scooter, I am thinking about it The place that sells them is more of an auto parts store, and the salesman had to go ask his boss if he can negotiate the price. It’s a 2012, I thought it was a 2013.

Above is a comparison of the two scooters. I wonder how the accident risk graph at the bottom is determined…. (Click for enlarged view) Any ideas?

Here Again, Monday

My weekends are too short. Saturday I had a friend visit, Sunday we visited with the Bro and Sis In-Laws. I need some time to myself, to do nothing, go to the beach, think etc. After two days off, I’m really just getting settled down and rested. If I had my way, (And I’ve ALWAYS said this) the week would be four days long, 10 hours a day, instead of 5X8.

So today is back to work, and I don’t wanna go. It’ll be alright, once I get there, like it always is, but now, I got the Monday morning blues. (did I say that last Monday?)

Last night th’ in-laws, wife and I went to Copper Falls steakhouse. I got the Porterhouse, 28 ounces. I always wanted to see if I could eat it all and it was easy. I wanted to pick up the bone and gnaw on it, but didn’t because we were in a restaurant.

I might get the new scooter today. They agreed to let me test drive it. I also have the “Gonna spend a lot of money” nervousness. I’ve heard all good things about this particular scooter.


Cayman DOE Marine Parks Proposal

Hi Fish Fans,

This week is the last chance to give your input to the DOE  about the new Marine Parks proposal, so please ask everyone you know to say “yes” to the new proposal before the end of November.  To be clear, this is their final public input period in formulating the proposal that they will present to the Cabinet for approval.  Our reef fish continue to decline rapidly and will all soon be lost if we don’t hit the brakes hard now… no exaggeration!  Contact DOE at:       The last time this was done 25 years ago, not enough people stood up for the proposal (there were plenty who cared but sat on their hands thinking it was obvious) and we got fishing on the 80′ profile as a result of a few noisy fishermen.  That fishing of the 80′ profile is the biggest reason our marine park was not much more effective than it has been (as well as too late closure of the grouper spawning grounds).  Because we now have much fewer fish for recovery, we need much bigger parks and new fishing regulations (not yet addressed by this proposal).  Let the DOE know that we accept their new parks proposal. Don’t let the few naysayers be the only voices counted in shaping how the proposal that goes to Cabinet will look.

We continue losing dive tourism numbers and millions of $ in tourism as we lose fish.  If we still had today, the fish that we had in the 80’s we would easily have at least four times the number of divers coming here, because everywhere else in the Caribbean is also fished out.  This is our chance to lead the competition.  There is still a chance to reverse the current decline if we act quickly and willfully enough.  This is an economic issue in which all Caymanians will either lose or gain depending on what we do with the last few fish we have.   As for fishing, if they catch the last fish there will be nothing left for them to catch, so why do that!  I am sure there are many preservationists who just don’t understand that this input opportunity is about the DOE comparing how many people want more protection vs how many want more fishing in order to shape the proposal.  This is your “vote” on the issue!  You must not sit quietly expecting that the obvious shall prevail.  Everyone counts and this is not just for registered voters.  Anyone can and should give their opinion.

I have recommended we accept the DOE proposal as it is except for:  extend the proposed 200′ depth fishing limit along the parks drop-off to 600′ to make it more enforceable; make Little Cayman a complete marine sanctuary (or nearly so);  Grandfather in the currently dive buoyed enclosures at commercial shore diving sites as no-fishing zones within the proposed fishing zone of NW Point to Barkers (Lighthouse Point, Cracked Conch and Cobalt Coast);  add new fishing regulations ASAP (we need catch limits and special species protections).  Please forward to everybody you know and let’s get heard this time!   Speak up… pump up the volume… raise your voices to a crescendo that commands respect.

Email your recommendations to DOE at:

Forward, forward, forward this to everyone who cares.

Be counted!

Thank you and may God bless us all with a renewed bounty,

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Hail! To The Washington REDSKINS!!!

I watched most of the game yesterday, it was great! I watched up till the two minute warning for the first half then got on the plane. An hour later I was home, and watched almost the last half of the fourth quarter. I am so happy they won!

I kind of knew they would. The Skins stomped Philly last week, after their bye week.While Dallas has been “winning ugly” as Yellowdog Granny puts it! The past few weeks, Dallas has been barely winning, squeaking by with last minute points, winning games when they looked looked clearly inferior the whole game. I fugured if Washington showed up, they’d win, and they showed up! They scored 21 unanswered points when I had to get on the plane, it was 21-3. When I got home, it was 38-28 and then Washington scored again, and then at the end, they didn’t score, 28 seconds and the guy slid in at the two yard line instead of scoring another TD….  Hmmm,

But anyway the Skins won, and I’m happy!!! Plus it’s FRIDAY!!!!!

Yellowdog Granny, by the way, is a diehard Dallas fan, so drop over there and tell her I said HA  HA HA! HO! HO! HEE HEE HEEEEEE!!!!

Seriously though, you gotta respect Yellowdog Grannie, even though she’s a Dallas fan, she’s a fan even when they aren’t doing so great, my experience with Dallas fans is that for the most part, they are fair weather fans. Not Yellowdog Granny, she’s a loyal fan.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. Probably the busiest day of a busy week. I’m up early, to go to the Brac, to come home late.

When I get home, The Wife will be here! She’s coming back from Miami this morning.

I’m still kinda sleep and brain dead and I’m going go go drink coffee until it’s time to go.

Have a great day! Eat a little extra turkey for me!

Go Washington! Booo Dallas!


Experimental Video

.Taking offf embed

Trying to see what happens when I want to post a video. The top link is the embed code, and the second link is the link-link.

The direct upload max is 128 M, the vid is 149.

Didn’t work on “preview” so I rekkon I’m not going to get what I want with this post…

You can see the video, just not on the embed link. I took the video on the plane Friday the 13th . The second I stopped recording, we entered clouds.

Yeah, I have to do some studying. The link works, but the embed doesn’t

Typical Tuesday

Football pics and results above. I say again my picks are who I want to win, (green dots), not necessarily who I think will win.

The Wife went to the Madonna concert was last night. She texted that she wasn’t too happy with their seats. I texted back to try and get new ones. I remember concerts as a kid where you got really good seats if you had an obstructed view, if a piece of the bands equipment was blocking your view of the stage. They’d move you, up front, to great seats, and you got a huge rubber stamp on your ticket stub “OBSTRUCTED VIEW”. Way cool. Takin’ a bad thing and making it a good thing.

Anyway, this’ll be a busy day, part of a busy week. Wife comes back day after tomorrow.