I took a picture of the sunrise this morning and a bird flew by at just the right moment! I’m thrilled by this shot, it’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken! It looks like one of them professional pictures off the internet!

Happy Friday! We have a long weekend because of the Kings Coronation.. Monday is the holiday

Have a great weekend!

Tuskless Elephants

Female African elephants are rapidly evolving to become TUSKLESS due to ivory poaching, study warns.

Read the story HERE. The same story was aired on the BBC this morning.

How is it possible? If someone shoots an elephant, God forbid, how can that elephant possibly know why it was being shot? After it’s dead, how can it pass on genetic information to its offspring? The last two paragraphs of the article mention genetics and genomes, but I still don’t see how it’s possible.

Happy Friday!