The Drought is Officially Over

Yesterday it rained, I mean really rained. Almost the whole backyard had about 6 inches of water in it. There’s watermarks on all the poles and trees.
It was made worse by my future neighbor who put about 8 inches of nasty gray fill on the lot next door, but in all fairness, I gotta say, it did flood a little before.
On some of the neighbors houses, the water marks from the flooding are above the bottom of their doors.. Hope they stayed dry inside.
If you drive down our street and turn left, at the little curve there is always a big puddle there when it rains. Yesterday, that puddle was connected to the puddle in our backyard.
Another cool thing is that the ground was percolating, there were all kinds of air bubbles coming up from the ground. Most were continuous streams of small bubbles. There were several big ones with big bubbles going “Plop, plop, plop, sending up a big bubble every second or so. Wonder if there are caves down there????
Right now it’s sunny.


Running Late

Running late this morning, the alarm went off, but the volume was so low I couldn’t hear it. Plus I was having a good dream.
Glad it’s Friday, payday!
I haven’t been visiting too many blogs this week, I’m still readjusting my schedule. I will get it worked out to fit it in…..
Have a good weekend!!!


A post like any other.

This is a post just like any other post on any other day. Got up this morning, jogged to the sea, swam a little, jogged home, showered, shaved and got ready for work. Not to mention walking the dawgs before my run and making coffee when I got back.
Here’s a picture of me and all my new co-workers. Tomorrow is my first payday.

Self discipline gone awry

I started getting up early so that I could get some exercise before work. Namely, jog the point two miles to the sea, swim a little and then jog back home and shower and get ready for work.
Since then, it has rained. I supposed I could do all that in the rain, but I don’t want to and I haven’t.
Anyway, I hope this weather clears up soon. I thought it was going to be nice today, but it isn’t…
I think my blog is boring lately.


Rainy Day

I took the car instead of the bike yesterday because of the weather. It was a good call. It’s raining now, so looks like another car day. But maybe it will start breaking up by tomorrow.
I can’t think of much to say today. I’m eating cereal and drinking coffee. The cereal seemed like it was almost empty, so I dumped the rest of the box in the bowl, now I have this huge bowl of cereal to eat. Too much

Week 2

I set my alarm and then woke up earlier than I had it set for. I set it so I can get up early and get some exercise. It’s still dark outside.

I’m worried about finding time post on my blog.
This is week two of the job. They gave me a Blackberry. What a piece of shit. Totally inferior to anything I’ve ever had. But I knew that, from reading the reviews and seeing them around.
Friday is my first payday.
The business is also picking up as well. I (hopefully) have a website to design, a computer to repair and a radio station to install.
All in the evenings and weekends.
I’m not a “work weekends and evenings” type of guy, I’m a “I work only because I need the money to pay for my diving and vacations” dude.
I’m going to try and take it one day at a time for awhile, and see if I can put together some sort of big picture. Then make adjustments.

One From Three

I am up, getting ready for my first sippa coffee.
There used to be a radio station here called Ocean 95, it was a thing of beauty, fully automated, the entire station was in one equipment rack, satellite receiver, computer with internet, and transmitter, hooked up to the antenna.
The owner sold it, and the new management turned it into a regular station. Offices, announcers, studios and salespeople. Went out of business fast.
There were two other stations of the religious variety, Heaven 97 and Gospel 88. Their owner decided to take a trip (to Australia?) and apparently quit paying the bills. Eventually the two stations lost their licenses.
Now one lady has acquired all the equipment from all three stations, and this morning I am going to assess this equipment so she can make one (two?) radio stations of her own. Computer driven and satellite fed.
A lot of this equipment has been in storage for quite some time, and my be worthless, but a lot has been in use till fairly recently and will probably be good.
Should be an interesting morning!


Didn’t post this morning

This morning I woke up early, 4:30 ish. I’ve been waking up about 4:30 every day this week. But this morning I fell back asleep.
I had a dream that I bought some gas, then I had to pay at an ATM. But something went wrong, and I couldn’t pay, so I was just going to drive away. I was trying to figure how I could possibly get caught when the Wifes alarm went off, and I woke up. Also in the dream, I took all the screws out of my watch, and they were all different. At some point in the dream, I spilled all the screws and didn’t think I’d ever get my watch back together.. I spilled them inside the ATM booth in my dream.
Anyway, I woke up before I could rip off the gasoline, or try to fix my watch, or pay for the gas, and I was didn’t have time to post before I went to work.
That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


Boring blog post

The first day of work wasn’t bad, I took lunch too early and it made the afternoon very long, but it wasn’t bad at all!
I woke up early this morning, I was dreaming about pointing a satellite dish and I heard my wife say “I’m Freezing!” I woke up and asked here if she wanted me to help her keep warm but she was asleep, I was hearing things.
I am going to try to get a few minutes more sleep before I have to get up.