Slow Runnings

I slept pretty good last night. Feel pretty good this morning. The dogs got a long walk and the only disadvantage of my abs app is the sessions seem to get longer. So in short, I’m running a little behind this morning.

Heres a couple sunrise pics from this morning. Usually I’m well inside by sunrise. But the days are starting earlier this tima year!

Have you a wonderful day!

February Already

January is gone. Every year IS getting shorter. I remember turning 40, declaring that I guessed my life was about half over. Let me tell you, this second half is going a lot faster than that first half did!

Our cold front seems to be ending, I’m glad for that!

Have a great day!

What Time Is It?

I can’t believe it’s only 6:07. For some reason, I’m here, ready to go to work a half hour early. I did everything the same. I feel like I forgot something, being so early. My Samsung watch was frozen this morning and I had to reset it and things haven’t seemed right since.

Looking on the internet for a picture of a clock, I noticed a large percentage of the images have the clock set at either 10 minutes till two or ten minutes past ten. I’m sure there’s a darn good reason for that. Go on, Google “Clock Face“.

I’m glad it’s Friday. It’s been one of those long, never-ending weeks.

No real plans for the weekend yet. Diving, hopefully.

Have a wonderful day and weekend!