Good Bye Chrome!

I’ve always liked Firefox. I have not been as fond of Firefox versions 4 and above, but started having problems with sites like Blogger and some others saying that my browser was outdated. So I installed Chrome, and kept Firefox version 3.xx.

Chrome sucked. It was slow, click the icon to open it and go get coffee, come back and it was still opening. No menu bar. So your only access to menu items was to right click. On images, on the Blogger post site, Chrome would deselect the image when you right clicked it, so you couldn’t cut and copy or paste an image in your post. You had to try and drag it I guess.

So yesterday I  uninstalled Chrome and installed Firefox 13.

As I type this, it occurs to me that it maybe was Google Chrome that made me move from Blogger to WordPress, Both being Google products, you’d think they would work well together, apparently not.



Anyway, now I have Firefox 3.xx and Firefox 13.xx on my machine and am happy for now.

I’ll tell you why I like Firefox before version 4: Before version 4, you could access the cache, and use the files. For example, a news or YouTube video, I would copy the video, then upload it to my post. That way, the video (or any object) is part of my post, not a link that would die if someone moves or deletes their object, my target. This is especially true for a news video.

Anyway, I feel like I’m going on and on too much about this so I’m going to close now. Can’t figure out why I had problems posting yesterday, today is back to smooth sailing.

Feels like Friday…

Mozilla Firefox Going Down the Tubes.

I got a message that an update was available for my Mozilla Firefox. I had been avoiding the update to version 4, because I tried it and I don’t like it. Usually, when you get a message for an update, it is an update for the version that you have installed. THIS TIME, it installed Firefox 8. I immediately hated it. I don’t understand Mozillas logic. They had a superior product, crushed the competition, then they make their product worse and worse, like they are imitating the inferior product. Firefox 8, to me, looks like Internet Explorer. I uninstalled it, and put 3.5 back on, then I spent a while getting all my settings and customization re-done.
I think, in the next coupla years, there will be a new browser coming out. ‘Cause I think Firefox is losing it. But for now, the the pic below truly shows the only thing that Explorer is good for. Although, as Explorer copies Firefox, it gets better, and as Firefox copies Explorer, it gets worse… STUPID….