Yesterday I was so busy I didn’t even have time to make a pot of coffee at work. I have computer problems.
Today is my day off, but I’m getting ready to go in to continue sorting it out. Here’s some pics from my weekday lunch snorkels.

Spotted Eagle Ray and 360 degree view

Yesterday I was at the beach, the wife was working, I went snorkeling, even though there was not much coral, just a sandy bottom, and I saw this spotted eagle ray!

And This is a 360 degree view from the water, it was rainy and thundery north and sunny and hot south!


Last Thursday, I saw the Lionfish, and posted about it here. I called the Dept of Environment and the secretary said she’d have somebody call me, nobody called.
Yesterday he was still there. So I called again. Today they came and I showed them where the Lionfish was an they got him.

Lionfish in the same spot before capture

DOE on their boat

Moving in

Got him!