A bird and audio blogging

I want to add audio to my blog. Every morning when I walk my dog, I stop by this telephone pole where this bird is singing the most incredible songs. Nonstop, non repetitive and an amazing range of different sounds make this birdsong endlessly fascinating to hear.Audio blogging is free, except for the cost of a long distance phone call, but I don’t want to do it that way. I want to upload my edited audio file.

I’ve been looking. I need to learn more about web page design. I could “cheat” by cuttng and pasting sections of the template but I would rather learn from a pro.

Yesterday, I planned on calling in sick today, but last night my boss called with a problem I need to go fix first thing… The only time I ever called in sick was when my foot was broken.

I feel kind of restless, irritable and discontented today.

Ruff Day, Ended Ok!

This is how I felt throughout the day today…
Bla Bla Bla, it’s a pointless game…

Went to work this morning, left at my usual time, about 10 till 7, got stuck in traffic as usual. I got about 1/3 of the way there and remembered some papers I needed to get my rebreather part out of customs without paying import duty. Cursing myself for being an IDIOT, I pulled a U turn and went back home. Ran in the house and discovered that the papers were in my pocket the whole time! So now, with firm knowledge of my idiothood, I got in the much worse traffic & got to work late.

I went to FedEx to get my package and they couldn’t find it. After almost an hour of looking they figured it was at customs being held for inspection. So I went to customs. I had to wait in line to get the form, wait in line to turn it in, wait in the line to pay ($3) and wait in line to get my package out of the warehouse. By the time I got my unit it was 4:30, I was supposed to dive at 5.
When I shipped it and put the true value for customs on the package, also I had it insured. Also I filled out the papers so I wouldn’t have to pay duty on it when it came back. When they shipped it back, they put $1 for the value. That cost discrepancy set off every red light and alarm customs had, so they wouldn’t release my unit without inspecting it. If the manufacturer/repair guys had put the correct value, FedEx could have dropped it off and I would have had it at 2 instead of 4:30.
At first I had the attitude I would never make todays dive. My dive buddies called and I said I couldn’t make it. I really wanted to go, so I called them back, said “I’m gonna make it! wait for me!” I blasted home, and put my rebreather together and did all the checks and made it there at 5:15ish and had a great dive. the sun was a little low and the light wasn’t too good for pictures, but I took some anyway.
One is an angel fish, it REALLY isn’t any good, because the picture was so dark I had to enhance it so you could see it and it has bad texture. But the fish sure did pose nice! The second is a fiddler crab in a tube sponge and I think it’s OK. He’s maybe 2 inches tall.
The dive did make me forget all my negative feelings towards the Customs Deptartment and the people who shipped my rebreather lid ECONOMY CLASS instead of overnight and screwed up the paperwork!

Poorly Photographed Angel Fish Posing Properly
(click to enlarge)

Fiddler Crab In Tube Sponge
(click to enlarge)

This is how I felt after the dive:

glad to be back in the water!!!

Hey Look! More than one picture at once!

There was a news article on the blogger dashboard page that said:

Blogger News

Blogger Images

We’ve just launched Blogger Images. So now you can include photos and images in your posts. Just click the new picture icon and you can upload an image from your computer or from the web. Try it out! Biz [6/24/2005 12:07:00 PM]

so I tried it and it worked! It took a couple of tries though.

one picture is a picture of a mango, the other is a picture of me, using a green laser pointer as a light source with a long shutter speed.
Uh, the top one is me, the bottom one is the mango..

I am supposed to answer these questions asked by Lita and pass the torch on to someone else.

Total Volume of Music Files on My Computer:
You asked the wrong guy this question because I work at a radio station!

On my computer, I have 4,420 songs in MP3 format, which I ripped from my CDs or downloaded off the internet. I have a 20 Gig Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 MP3 player that I have had since 2002. I listen to it often. (I don’t know what the big hoo haa is about Ipods, nothing new there, just good marketing)

Also, I have 12,192 songs in WAV format that is the Radio Cayman Computer Library backup, for the RC automation system.

Last CD I bought:
Pink Floyd, Welcome To The Machine. Which is weird, I decided one night I wanted to listen to that album, and found I didn’t have it. So I downloaded it but it was poor quality. I ran down to Funky Tangs, a caribbean music store, with no hope, just desperation, and they had one Pink Floyd CD, and it was Welcome To The Machine.
The reason I didn’t have it on CD is because I have the record in my parents storeroom. (A record is a flat black plastic thing with a hole in the center, played on a record player)

Song playing right now
Aldo Nova- Fantasy

5 Songs I listen to a lot
I can’t really answer that question, One day I’ll want to hear a certain song, then the next day I can’t stand the same song.

But, 5 songs I always like are:
Foreigner: Urgent (The live version)
Mavericks: Pretend ( I used to hate that song, now I love it!)
Nazareth: Woke Up This Morning
Garbage: Special (Have you ever seen the video?)
Yes: Don’t Kill the Whale (I’m not necessarily a treehugger, it’s just a great song!)

There’s more. I like almost all classical and some country. I like a few Emeniem songs. I do not like jazz, I never heard a jazz song that I liked. I like Caribbean music a lot too. My favorites are Beres Hammond for mellow and Square One if you want to party. There’s more and more.

I have more Aerosmith albums than any other artist. I never considered them my favorite but the numbers speak for themselves.

Another thing, I don’t listen to music for a message, I listen for the sound. I don’t really care what they’re saying. I like a lot of stuff by White Zombie and a few Marilyn Mansons. Besides, lot of widely accepted country songs have the most filthy messages imaginable.

I pass it on to Anduin because
I want to know the story about the cat on her profile picture but I’m afraid to ask. I think its some type of space alien poodle haired feline


I am kind of disappointed because I tried to post all three of the pics below all at once. I emailed them and I got return emails saying
“Attachment is over size limit.
Error code: 8.1767F51″
Untill I reduced their size tll they were too small. Then the post had the text and no pics.
The only way I can post pics is by using Hello, one pic at a time. ALthough I do think I emailed one pic from my phone.
On the “Create” and “Edit posts” pages there are links that boast “Add Image” but they don’t work.
So I was in a great mood and now I’m kinda bummed out.

Doc Polson

Click on any of the pics to see a larger view.
This is the front of the Doc Polson. There is a big winch system on the front in front of the pilot house. To the bottom is about 50 feet, I guess I was about 35 when I took this picture.

my feet

Today after work I went out on my Kayak, I paddled out to the wreck of the Doc Polson and went snorkeling and paddled and up and down the beach a little. It was really nice. Sometimes there is a lot of boat traffic but today I had the entire Caribbean Sea to myself!

new car radio

I got a new car radio yesterday
and it is terrific.
If I say “Rock” it plays rock and roll.
If I say “Rap” it plays rap.
If I say “Love” it plays love songs.
Three kids ran out in front of the car
and I said
“F … ing kids!”

And it played Michael Jackson!