Monday Summary

Had a good, busy week end with the fam. Went to Coco Fest Saturday. It was quite nice.

Saturday night we watched movies.

Sunday I took the dogs on a 5K dog walk. (Mom and sister stayed home)

Sunday mid day onward we went out for smoothies and had dinner.

also somewhere in there I got h lawn mowed.

Have a great week!

Movie Night Again

Last night I went to Movie Night at the Westin with my mother and sister. It was “You’ve Got Mail”. Remember that old dial-up internet?

And now, TGIF! Have a great weekend!

Thursday Feels Like Monday

i took the day off yesterday, ND I’m putting in for half a day off today.

my mother and sister

Yesterday we just kinda hung out. We went out and about in the morning and afternoon. Last night I cooked on the grill last night.

it was off and on rain and looks like more of the same today.

Russia invaded Ukraine this morning.

Safe Arrival

My mother and sister arrived yesterday. They seem to like the apartment pretty well. My mother said it was much larger than she expected

I’m taking the day off work today. Nothing special planned. It rained a little on my morning dog walk.

In the news, Russia says it is looking for a diplomatic solution. The west seems to be ignoring this and threatening sanctions. Options are: make Ukraine a netural country, or do not let them jioin NATO. Ukraine joining NATO is understandiblly not an option for Russia.

Today is the ex wifes birthday. Happy Birthday ex wife!

Busy Week Monday

scuba selfie

Good morning!

it was a good weekend. I got the apartment nice and clean, I fixed the gate, which was saggy. I repotted my avocado tree. I went diving and I went to the beach.

The water was rough and the visibility was poor yesterday. But it was still a nice dive, my first in about 3 weeks.

Today it’s back to work and tomorrow my mother and sister arrive to stay in the apartment.

I hope you have a good week!

See you tomorrow!

Shark Attacks & Figure Skaters

Shark attack in Australia, first fatality in 60 years. Read an article HERE. Now they’re going to be culling sharks. Like they’re going to find the guilty party and give him a trial. .

The little girl in the Olympics for doping fell twice during her competition. She was devastated. But did she get any comfort from her staff? “Chilling” was the way her treatment was described. She’s a little girl. What’s wrong with the adults on this planet?

I think I woke up crabby this morning. But it’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

Ukraine & Russia

It’s Thursday, I have no topic.

i could post about Russia and Ukraine, I think outside forces are stirring it up more than the participants. For Russia, it must seem comparable to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ukraine becoming a neutral country was mentioned, and it sounds like a solution acceptable to all. But other parties seem to want war. Joe Biden keeps saying “if Russia continues to partially invade Ukraine.” He’s purposely clouding the picture and sowing misunderstanding.

im not getting into it more than that. I didn’t want to post about it anyway.

Have a good Thursday.

See you tomorrow.

Mini Shed?

I’m thinking about getting the above mini shed, primarily to keep my lawnmower in. It won’t hold much else, but does have space for a few shelves. I think it would be pretty nice but it is smaller than what I had envisioned. What do you think?

its still very windy here.

Have a good day!