Friday Safety Training

Today I have annual safety training at work. Last night I dreamed I had to take my cat to work, and when I was getting ready to go to training, I was looking for a piece of paper to make a sign for the door, “Don’t Let the Cat Out”, but every piece of paper was completely covered in tiny writing on both sides and I couldn’t make my sign. Then, someone let the cat out, and I was chasing the cat towards the road. And I missed safety training.

But it’s Friday, and I’m glad.

As I’ve said, it’s been raining all week, now, this weather is now turning into a storm. Invest 99L could become a tropical storm by next week.

And there’s another one south of us to keep the rain a-comin’!

Have a good weekend!

Tickled Pink Over $14.99 Jeans

Went to a birthday dinner party last night, then did a little grocery shopping. Stayed up late, it was hard to wake up this morning. I only ran a little, few hundred yards.

I’m wearing new jeans that I got for $14.99. I am tickled pink that I found some jeans at that price here in Cayman. Levis jeans are over $100CI dollars here. I was at our “Price Club”, there are usually jeans there, but always in huge sizes. I looked anyway, and found one pair my size. I bought them. Tickled pink.

It’s been rainy all week, looks like it might not be so bad today. I told my Wife yesterday that I was going snorkeling at lunch today, rain or shine. Maybe it will be shine!

It’s almost Friday! Have a great day!

Good Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a good day even though it was cloudy and a little rainy. I set a new record for fastest mile on my moning run. I got my stereo replaced in my car, no charge. (Day before yesterday, it died) I found a pair of jeans that fit for $14.99. Work gave us lunch at the quarterly safety meeting, And I dunno,it just seemed like an allright day, for a workday. I made meatloaf for dinner and did the dishes.

This morning is cloudy and rainy and thundery, the thunder rattles the dishes in the cuppard. (Cubbard? Another word I didn’t know I didn’t know how to say or spell). “The thunder rattles the dishes in the place we keep them.” I wore a raincoat on my walk/run/swim, and didn’t run or swim, but I did stick my feet in the sea. The breeze was warmer than the still air, and the sea was warmer than both.

And hopefully it will turn out to be as nice a day as yesterday.

Late Payday

For the first time, in over 20 years of being on the island, my pay was late getting deposited into my account yesterday.

Finally the money showed up in my account about 5PM. I was not the only late payee, but as far as I know, the latest.

In other news, driving to work today, my stereo quit. Just shut off. No power. So today I’m taking it to the shop to be looked at, and fixed.

It’s cloudy and threatening rain today. I set a new record for fastest mile running this morning.

Have a great day!

NFL Kneeling

The “N” in NFL stands for National. While not specified, one would assume the nation referred to would be the USA. Why are the employees of the NFL permitted to voice their opinions during working hours? When I’m at work, I represent my employer and can be terminated for conduct contrary to my employers policies, whether I agree with those policies or not. All these “protesters” could be fired by the NFL. The inaction on the NFLs part is 99% of the problem


Shaving – I Hate Shaving

Every morning while I’m shaving I think “I’m going to post a post about how much I don’t like shaving. Worst part of the morning.

Man, it sucks! Get in there, lather up, drag the razor over my face. Going over the same spot over and over, cause it still feels whiskery.

The blades always seem dull, even a new blade drags and pulls. I don’t know when o change then, when the little “lube strip” starts wearing off.

Then I get in the shower, and feel all the spots I missed and pretty much have o start all over.

Misery! Thy name is shaving!

In other news, today (maybe tomorrow) is the equinox. The day and night is equal length all over the world.

And tomorrow is Friday, I’ve been running out of gas at work in the afternoons since I got back fom vacation. Ready for the weekend…

Have a great day!!

Rough Times

Earthquake in Mexico, Hurricanes. The BBC news was longer than usual this morning. Even at work, things feel dark to me. And there’s other things, not on the news. When Asia gets hit by a typhon or hurricane, western media ofen doesn’t mention it. Cholera outbreak in Africa.

I like to know what’s going on all over the world. Wish there was a news program that covered every continent and country in a reasonable amount of time, with links to learn more about every story.

I’m rambling, and have to go to work.

Hurricanes Doubling Up

Lots of hurricane activity right now. I feel for those who are getting whacked for the second time.

Cayman has been lucky so far, and I hope it stays that way.

I can’t figure out wether to ride the scooter or take the van. It’s been unpredictable, scattered thunderstorms lately and one cannot tell if one will be rained upon or not.

Decisions decisions!

Speaking of rain, here’s a picture of a rainstorm that I took from the airplane, coming in to Cayman. Very rare to see rain from the sky looking down!

Have a good day!

The Final Leg

We’re at the Toronto airport, heading to Cayman soon. The final leg of our two weeks in Canada. Last night we flew from Halifax to Toronto, here’s a pic of our landing in Toronto last night. My next post will be from HOME!!!