Doesn’t Happen To Normal People

I recieved a spare wireless charger cradle for my watch. Naturally, it doesn’t work. Below are photos from my one star, Amazon review.

I have bad luck with things ordered from Amazon. Without even thinking hard, I recal two bad camera gimballs, umteen bad wireless keyboards for my old Samsung S3 tablet, bad melatonin, this charger, and books on my first ever Amazon order.

Anyway, no harm, no foul. I’m out $15 plus probably $20 duty and handling fees.

We have a good good good chance of some rain coming in these next few days, as depicted in the image above. Which is fine by me. Although I sometimes gripe a lot, inside I feel peaceeful and calm.

Have a peacful, calm day!

A Series Of Short Naps

For most of my life, I’ve considered myself an insomniac. I’ve had a couple years of good sleeping, but I worry that those years are over.

I get home from work, exhausted, I stay awake till I’m not tired anymore, then it’s bedtime. I go to bed and can’t sleep. I get up, walk around the house. Lay down again. Sometimes I look at the clock and notice some time has unexpectedly gone by, 45 minutes or an hour. Apparently, I was asleep for a few minutes, although not that I’m aware of. Then I’m awake, and repeat the cycle.

There’s no joy of sleeping, no comfort, no awareness of being asleep. I just go bed and restlessly spend the time till the alarm.

Blame the melatonin, throw it away, it’s a bad batch, buy new. Blame the pillow, blame the tempurature, blame the snoring dog, but it’s none of that.

I’m just an insomniac.

Leftover Leftovers

Yesterday evening my wife had a co-workers birthday to attend. She recommended that for dinner, I have some chicken that was left over from her lunch. This particular chicken was left over from our dinner a couple nights ago.

Therefore, I had leftover leftovers for dinner last.night.

Below is today’s history lesson for you:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Half A Porch

Almost Friday again! The weather says Saturday is supposed to be nice. I still have half a porch to paint, because it’s been too wet.

I’m just ready for some serious time off. Staycations don’t really cut it, if you just take time off work and stay home.

The wife started a new job, and really likes it so far. After a week, she says she feels like she’s been there for ever.

Have a good day.

Arts & Crafts On The Moon

This morning, when the alarm went off, I was doing arts and crafts on the moon. Apparently, if you just squirt some oxygen out on the moon’s ground, gravity keeps it there and you can be outside on the moon without a spacesuit. For a while, eventually the oxygen dispurses.

I don’t remember what art and crafts we were doing, and I don’t remember who else was there, but I remember being in the low gravity and how cool it was to not need a spacesuit on the moon.

Did you know, that if you were on the moon, the earth would appear to be in the same spot in the sky all the time? And you could observe the earths rotation, hour by hour?

By the way, if you do go to the moon, take a spacesuit. I don’t want to hear any complaints later; “He told me I could go outside on the moon with no spacesuit, and it didn’t work.”

It’s a cloudy Wednesday,I’m ready to get the day going, have a good one!

Equinox 2, 2020

Today in about an hour, is the second equinox of 2020, where the sun passes over the equator into the southern hemisphere. The first equinox of 2020 was in March. Today is the first day of spring south, first day of autumn north, of the equator. I personally like spring/summer better than fall/winter but I’m temporarily eager for time to pass, so I’m glad for it. I’m also glad for my friends in New Zealand who are looking forward to spring.

Have yourselves a great day!

Can We Get Smaller Phones?

I was cleaning out an old box of cables and junk yesterday and found a case from an old smartphone I used to have.

old BlackBerry case from an old jobs phone

I thought “Man, I want a phone this big. I have really disliked the huge and huger phones. I read an article with the words Comically Large Phones in the title that talks about this.

A year or so ago, I was interested in gimbals, I couldn’t find one that would work because the phones were too big. I bought two, neither work. One almost works, if I took the protective case off the phone, but sorry, I’m not taking the case off my $800 phone to put it in a $100 gimbal. We need reasonable sized phones.

I’ve been looking for a smaller, pocket-sized phone. Portable, ya know? Not one I need a special bag to carry it in or a device to strap it outside my body because it can’t fin in my pocket. I love the size of my tiny old flip phone, and the battery lasts a month, but it doesn’t have internet or email.

Twas another busy, productive weekend. I have half the resurfaced porch painted, which is the roof of the new apartment. The interior of the apartment is done, and I cleaned it quite extensively. All it needs is a moppin’. This week I’ll move the patio furniture from the non-painted side to the painted side, and paint the non painted side. Then I’ll be back to grinding and filling driveway cracks.

Today the wife starts a new job. She has a reserved parking spot. With her name on it. That means I can no longer survive without a reserved parking spot with my name on it. I gotta take this straight to the CEO, I think you’ll agree.

Have a great week!

High Holydays

This weekend the Jewish High holidays begin. I don’t really feel like participating this year. I’ve been trying to fix my house and don’t want to stop.

But I’m glad it’s the weekend.

Clueless Thursday

I have no idea what to post today. I’m clueless.

I did see an interestingly titled article this morning: giant alien planet orbiting close to dead star’s corpse..

“A star’s death doesn’t have to spell doom for its planets.” That’s good to know.

The back porch resurfacing is pretty much done, except for the painting, and this afternoon we start on the ceiling of the apartment. Hopefully this will finish off that project and we can start using it.

Eventually, I want to resurface the roof, front porch and driveway, in that order.

Hang in there! Friday’s coming!