Saturday Post


Just got my first cuppa coffee poured after walking the dogs and feeding the cats.

I was looking at Neatorama, and found an interesting page, The Evolution of the Web


It is a pretty big “graph” of the history of the internet. I went and looked for Netscape, the old browser that I used to love. Worth a quick look.

I”ve also been going through the WordPress tutorials. Yesterday I posted in this teeny tiny square but now I’ve discovered the toggle full screen button.

It seem pretty nice so far.

My Android App, on the other hand, isn’t impressing me. I can post easily, and find new blogs to read and comment on them easily, but on the blogs I follow, I can’t comment. The app views all the blogs from itself beautifully, with a big post comment button, but the blogs I follow are teeny tiny format with a truncated post. and no comment button. So I have to go to the web browser.

If I have to go to the web browser, why do I need the app?

Anyway, it’s looking like a great day coming here, and I plan on gettin out in it!