Out Of The Cone (for now)

This mornings update shows Cayman out of the cone. The cone is the error zone in the storms path calculation, which is the center line.

We’re definitely going to get some wind and rain it’s probably starting to rain in Jamaica about now and we’ll probably start raining here tonight about 6:00 p.m..

Here’s a couple pictures from this morning’s dawg walk:

I’m off to work, Have A great day!

Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl has maintained a pretty straight course and is headed right for us.

I spent yesterday getting ready, did my shopping last Thursday. Starting today you’ll see the long lines at the gas stations and the grocery stores. I guess I’ll test the generator today.

I’m not in the mood for a hurricane.

Constitution Day

today is Constitution Day here in the Cayman islands, our last holiday until November

I took Lenny to the beach yesterday , it was pretty good. The days have been beautiful, yesterday and today, but it won’t last…

Hurricane Beryl is bearing down on us, and there’s been little variation in the Cayman Islands’s relative position in the cone.

Beryl also sets the record as the earliest Category 4 hurricane ever recorded. But look at the bright side, it’s July, we made it through June, 20% of the way through Hurricane Season safely behind us!

Have a great day!

Rainy Friday

it’s a rainy Friday here, it’s also our last long weekend until november. The holiday drought begins.

Above is a panorama View from my front porch. Of course, it’s not raining right now, because I put my house plants out. .

I’m ready to get into work, because I’m ready to end the workday so I can start the weekend!

Have a good day and weekend!

John n Cindy Visit

My friends from Virginia Beach, John and Cindy, who now live in Florida, came down last week for a visit. John was teaching a rebreather trimix course and was quite busy the whole time but we had time to get together for a couple dinners and Cindy and I did a dive last weekend.

They fly back out today, and it’s kind of disappointing that John was teaching diving the whole time, and I had to work.

John is the one who taught the instructor course when I became a scuba instructor way back in 1995.

Hopefully they’ll be back sooner rather than later!

Have a great day!

Copa America

Last night I stayed up late and watched Brazil VS Costa Rica. (Go Coast Rica!) It was a good match but ended nil-nil, which for me, is disappointing. But it was nice watching some football. I seldom watch anything televised.

I’ve heard Venezuela is the team to beat these days.

Hazy skies here today gonna be hot, hot, HOT!

Phishing Weekend

It was a rainy weekend. It was both a long and short weekend. I worked this weekend. I have friends visiting from the US, an instructor here teaching a rebreather trimix course.

I almost got bank scammed this weekend. I got an email saying I needed to update my personal information, click here. I clicked there and it was a login for the bank. I just couldn’t bring myself to fill in the form because the bank says they will never do what they did send an email with a link for me to log on. Although it’s their policy not to do so they have done it before. It was the bank’s intention to update my information, over email. I was angry and ended up going into the bank to turn in the paperwork instead of doing it online. I was very adamant and angry and told them to never do that again. But when I received the email I believed they had done it again, just like they did it before. This time I forwarded the email to the phishing department. And they said it was a fake. Good thing I didn’t fill it in.

Below are images from a rain dive yesterday. Scuba divers don’t like diving in the rain because they don’t want to get wet.

have a good week

How Can I Get Grass?

My yard needs grass, but there’s so many chickens all the time, digging and eating, eating and digging, I’m sure they’d eat all the seed I could throw down.

when I moved into this house I raked all the rocks up from the yard, then chickens came digging and dug up more rocks. Then I had landscapers for a while, who came in with leaf blowers and blew away all the dirt, leaving more rocks. Now my yard is more gravel than grass (a horror to mow). More weeds then grass. In fact, there’s hardly any actual grass at all.

.How can I get grass?

Need A New Lunch

Ive been eating lunch meat sandwiches at lunch for decades. I gave up bread for wraps, but basically the same thing. Decades

I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t hate sandwiches, just the ones I make. Store bought sandwiches and restaurant sandwiches are great.

I have no idea of anything else available. I know I’m not going to spend thousands eating in a restaurant every day. And I’m not giving up my beach/swimming lunch hours to actually get lunch on my lunch hour

What are my options? Starve?