Rest In Peace, Maria Jose

One year and three days ago. Maria Jose, me, and my wife.

Our cousin Maria Jose passed away yesterday. She was closest in age of all my wife’s relatives, and was like my wifes sister.

I don’t know what happened. A year ago, she was fine, then there was a problem with some medication she was on, then she started having seisures, then she went into almost a coma, then she went brain dead, and then she died.

It is very tragic. She is much younger than me. She was incredibly smart. She was a lawyer, she could speak english so well, you’d think she was American.

She was in cahoots with me when I snuck her, her Mom, and my wife’s Mom here for my wife’s birthday a few years ago.

All yesterday afternoon and last night the girls from the Costa Rica were calling my wife, talking about Maria Jose and memories and memorial plans. It’s like a Costa Rica girlfriends gang. It is tough because of the Covid situation, my wife cannot attend the funeral. Very emotional times.

Costa Rica and our family will never be the same.