Flashback Friday, Favorite Posts

I was looking through this blog and took screenshots of a couple of my favorite posts. I haven’t done a Flashback Friday in a long time.

I like this post. Sheba’s ears don’t really do that anymore, and she’s getting to be an old puppy!
I rememner when David Poyer sent me that picture. My brain.. click click click.. That book is on the ISS… click click click… My name is in that book… click click click.. MY NAME IS ON THE ISS! IN SPACE!!!
This post lost its image, but still one of my favorites.

Happy FRIDAY! Have a great weekend!

Must’ve Forgotten Something..

It’s 6:07 AM, I’m ready to go to work already. Usually I’m not ready till after 6:30 or so, at the earliest.

Got up, shaved, walked, showered,dressed, coffeed, it’s all there.Maybe I went through s time warp.

Yesterday at lunch, I swam out to the island again. It was very nice out there. I used to go camping out there, with my dog, Ditto. I was thinking about him a lot while I was there.

Here’s a selfie as I was ready to swim back.

Small Island Selfie
The Island, SW of Grand Cayman

The float you see behind me is a boogie board modified to be a freedivers float. I added handles all the way around, a diveflag holder, and I added an anchorpoint on the bottom, so one could tie it up so it won’t float away. Also there’s a way to secure things to the top, like my camera and waterproof bag. (Inside the waterproof bag is my towel and hat, and a waterproof box that has my car keys, phone, a cigar, and lighter.) I’ve had that float for at least 15 years, and the dive flag, I bought in Florida nearly 30 years ago, when I drove down to the Florida Keys by myself with my new kayak on the roof of my van. That was a great adventure!

This has kind of turned into a Flashback Friday post! Have a great weekend!