Long weekend

But I’m working anyway There is another station that needs help with their studio console. It has a broken connector and I am changing it for them. Well, I’m going to look at the job, it might take special tools, which I will obtain.
I realized last night that I left my wetsuit at the dive shop Wednesday or whenever it was I dived last. Hopefully it will be there. What is the past tense of DIVE? Is it DIVED or DOVE?
Monday is a holiday here. Last year it was Hero’s day. I think they changed the name to Seamans Day.
I stayed up kind of late last night. Woke up and was kinda snoozing with the radio on. Now the coffee pot just made “The Sound” which means the coffee is done, so
I’m outta here!
PS: I haven’t mentioned that I have a new underwater camera that I haven’t used yet. I said I was going to get it, but never said I got it. Hopefully I will post some pics this weekend, IF the dang wind dies down!

Walking Stick

Down the street, there is an intermittent pack of dogs that used to live at a construction site behind my apartment. After the construction was finished, the dogs moved to the street where I walk my dog. When I say intermittent, I mean sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not. At first I got a stick to fend them off when we walked by. They are fraidy cat dogs and won’t come close, but bark like crazy. One morning, in an especially dark mood, I found their barking too annoying to tolerate and I got mad. I started beating my stick on the road yelling “come here!” to the dogs. If a dog can sense a persons fear, they sensed something different in me that day, because they ran, and I mean ran over the horizon out of sight. But I mashed my stick up into bits so I needed a new one. I found a piece of PVC tubing at a concrete dumping ground. I sawed it off to the right length. I made one end pointy, to fend off dogs. I put a champange cork in my end so it is nice and comfortable to walk with. I found a wine cork on the beach, it fit perfectly, so I shoved it down inside. I bet it would float. I drilled a hole and put a lanyard through for a wrist strap and also I can carry my cell phone on it and keep it out of the sand at the beach. I can poke it down in the sand and secure my dogs leash to it while I take a swim. It’s turning into quite a sophisticated walking stick. Now, I worry about someone taking it when I leave it outside. Isn’t that moronic?
You know what else is moronic? I’m typing all this crap about my piece of junk walking stick when really I can’t stop thinking about that girl who was taken hostage recently. My personal philosophy is if a person takes a hostage, the hostage is considered dead and the hostage taker is guilty of murder. If they are in a building, then blow up the building. The hostage taker, the hostage takers family, and his country, will be held responsible for the loss. The message is that taking a hostage means certain death, will harm your country, your family, and everyone you know, and is never a way to get what you want.
But something about this girls picture gets to me. I don’t want her dead. According to my own policy, I’m supposed to consider her dead already. I don’t want to do that, I want her to get back home OK. It’s really something that I’m having a hard time not thinking about.
Also I realize that I wouldn’t be as concerned about it if it wasn’t a pretty girl. It makes me ask myself all kinds of questions. What kind of person am I? What if I was the hostage? How would I feel? How would I want everyone to feel? To me, growing older is like staying the same, while everybody else gets younger. I used to go to the doctor and he was an old man, now I go to the doctor and he’s a little kid. Walking down the street, everyone seems young, I remember they used to seem old to me. Looking in the mirror every day, I can’t see myself getting older. I think I’m still the same. What I see in this picture, is a person too young to be there.

Thats why

I just got home from work and out of the shower. I was at the Ritz from 6AM till 2:30, then another broadcast from a church from 6PM till 9PM. That’s why I didn’t post this morning.
I am Sleepyyyy
Had a great dive yesterday, 284 feet, 112 minutes.

Back from the Brac

I’m back at work, I was on the 6:40 AM flight and came straight to work. So here I am, ready to go home. I’ll be afew hours though.
I had a good time while I was gone. it was good to see the OI Girl. She worked in the mornings and I hung by the pool and the beach.
She’s kind of like a go out at night type and I’m a go to bed early type. we went to a cookout yesterday evening an it was freezing!
Last night I dreamed I dropped my laptop down a big flight of stairs. I watched it bounce bounce bounce and the CD tray broke off. It still came on, but it was screwed!
Ik, a nightmare!
This isn’t much of a post, but I’ve got to get to work.

Packing and Cleaning

I’m going to see OI Girl this afternoon, I’ll go straight to the airport after work. That means this morning I’m packing for the trip and cleaning tha apartment because I try to create the illusion for the dogsitters (next door neighbors) don’t know I’m a slob.
Also I have to get all the scuba gear out of the car. And pack the scuba gear I’m taking and get it in the car. I got about 6 hours to do and a half an hour to do it. This would bbe a problem for a normal person, but as you know, I’m not a normal person.
Just let me finish this blog entry and this cuppa coffee and I’ll get right on it!
The computer store wants the TV Tuner box back. They don’t think it’s the computer. OK, it DOES screw up on two computers… SO that’s on my list of things to do today.
After reading FroggieMoms post on DMV’s, I went yesterday to get my drivers license. I was standing in line and the license making machine broke again. A lot of people got angry but I just laughed. I told them I had been waiting since DDecember 5th. Normally I’m the first one to get angry. I get angry easier but then I get over it easier too. I think.
Anyway I possibly won’t be posting while I’m gone, like I seldom do when I visit the OI Girl, but I’ll be missing you all! You know I’ll be getting laid, wishing I could post a post and read your blogs! Right?
Hee Heee HEEEE!
Hava good weekend!

Sixteen Minutes

Yesterday I got my laptop out of the shop. I have said it has problems since I got it, but I can’t really explain what they are or what the symptoms are. A couple of months ago, I bought this little TV tuner that lets your computer act as a TV, plus you can record any video and save it as a file. Well, this nifty little unit consistently gave me the blue screen. I figured it was the computer and not the tuner. The computer shop, after looking at the code on a picture of the blue screen said they saw the problem and said they could fix it. Yesterday I got it back. Excited. Sixteen minutes later, blue screen. I’m taking it back, with another photo of another blue screen.
This morning for the dog walk the sky was very clear. After only a few cloudy mornings, the difference in the stars is amazing. Centaur is completely up now in the mornings, I see his front hooves, Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri both clear and bright. The Southern Cross doesn’t get much higher in the sky. Every morning the stars are a little higher than they were the previous morning. I saw a shooting star that flew over three quarters of the sky.
After work I have an appointment for the dogs checkup and ear infection. Tomorrow I am going to see the OI Girl and am very excited about that. Ya’know, yesterday I said SOMETIMES!
I didn’t sleep worth a dang last night, I went to bed at 10:20 and was still awake at 12:47. then I woke up at about 4:05 and that was it for me.
Anyway, That’ll do for today, I could go on and on.


We gotta get this weather straightened out! I took off early yesterday (because I went in early) and it was all cloudy and windy and miserable.
Although I technically got up at my normal hour yesterday, I was really tired when I got home, so I took a nap. I think my brain was telling my body that I woke up earlier than normal
I needed the nap.
My main dive buddy is leaving the island this weekend, so I guess I’ll see if I can go see the OI Girl. I realized that if I had to choose between her and diving, I’d choose diving. I don’t know if that’s true all the time, but at least sometimes.
This mornings dog walk featured wet pavement from rain and clear starry skies.

This is the boringest blog on earth.